What May Affect My Reviews

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Vegan Food Reviewed

It’s only fair to warn you that the following will have a bearing on my reviews of the food:

  • I am really, really sensitive to hot, spicy food. Some of the food I find spicy may not seem spicy to others.
  • I like my food to have strong flavours and be quite salty, so where I say a product needed salt added, others may disagree.
  • I do not like coconut so tend to be able to taste coconut in products where others may not notice it.
  • I like really sweet things, so if I say something is not sweet enough, others may not find the same.
  • Some herbs I do not like, that taste perfume-y to me, sometimes not do so to others.
  • I do not like the “woody” taste of some soya milk, so in some products made with it I can taste the woody taste, where others may not.
  • I sometimes can taste bitterness where some other people may not.
  • Although some people are repulsed by food that tries to imitate meat, for me, the closer a food is to the taste of meat without any of the cruelty, the better.
  • Another factor is, the more hungry I am when I eat something, the better it tastes.

Because of all this, I sometimes ask my other half, Steve, to try the food too, and get his opinion on them. Sometimes my friend tries the food and gives her opinion too, and very occasionally, family does too. When others have tasted it, I include what they thought.

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