Vegan Yoghurt and Fromage Frais

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Vegan Food Reviewed

On this page: reviews of vegan yoghurt and fromage frais, and where you can buy them.

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Because taste is so subjective, you may like to take a look at the “What May Affect My Reviews” page before reading the reviews.

Top Choices

Both Steve and I love the Alpro Strawberry & Banana and Peach & Pear yoghurts.

Vegan Yoghurt

Alpro “No Bits” 2 x Strawberry & Banana, 2 x Peach & Pear Yoghurt (Tesco)

Steve and I both love these sweet flavours. They have the most mouth wateringly lovely smell, and the consistency is thick and creamy. These are Steve’s favourite vegan yoghurts because they have no “bits” in them. He eats them every day. These are also my friend Helen’s favourite because of having no bits in. They don’t have the “woody” taste I can sometimes detect in soya milk based products. My niece and nephew tried the strawberry and banana flavoured ones. My niece ate all of hers, and some of my nephew’s too, as he wasn’t as keen. It is fair to say that he can be quite hard to please though.

Alpro 2 x Blackcurrent Elderflower 2 x Pomegranate (Tesco)

These vegan yoghurts have lovely flavours, and the yoghurt is thick and creamy.  Steve also liked them, but he prefers yoghurt with “bits” in. Despite being made with soya milk, there is no “woody” kind of taste.

Alpro 2 x Peach, 2 x Pinapple Passion Fruit (Tesco)

I really liked the flavours in this thick and creamy vegan yoghurt. It’s made with soya milk, but doesn’t have the woody taste that can sometimes come through. Steve liked them, but prefers yoghurts with no “bits” in.

Alpro Go On Strawberry Raspberry High In Protein Yoghurt (Tesco)

This vegan yoghurt was thick and creamy, with a lovely sweet flavour. It also includes a lovely fruity layer. Steve liked it, but prefers no actual fruit in yoghurt.

Alpro Vanilla Yoghurt (Tesco)

This isn’t sweet enough for me, but Stephen likes it with Golden Syrup in it. It is thick and creamy and there is a lot in the pot. 

Tesco Raspberry & Passion Fruit Free From Yoghurt

Our local Tesco does a good range of dairy free yoghurts. I thought this tasted really nice, and there was no woody flavour from it being made from soya milk.

Tesco Mango Free From Yoghurt

I don’t always love mango flavoured things, it usually depends how sweet they are, but this was another tasty vegan yoghurt, and with no woody taste from the soya milk. 

Tesco Peach Free From Yoghurt

I  really liked this flavour, and the little pieces of peach in the yoghurt were plump and juicy. It is thick and creamy and there was no woody taste from the soya milk either.

Tesco Blueberry Free From Yoghurt

I liked this vegan yoghurt. It was nice and thick and creamy, with a nice flavour. It is soya based but there is no woody taste that can sometimes come through.

Asda Free From Strawberry Soya Yoghurt

This was nice, but it didn’t have as strong a flavour as the Alpro yoghurts with strawberry in them.

Vegan Fromage Frais

Tesco Smooth Banana Free From Fromage Frais Alternative

This was very tasty, thick and creamy, with no woody taste and no bits. I really enjoyed it. The only thing that let it down was that the pots are made out of very weak and flimsy plastic. With two of them, when I took the lid off them, it tore right down the side. I was very, very careful with the other two.

Tesco Fruity Strawberry Free From Fromage Frais Alternative

The taste was lovely, with no woody taste from the soya milk, and the consistency was nice and creamy. The weak and flimsy plastic of the pots let them down, as one fell out of the fridge and split, and another split when I took the lid off. 

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Have you spotted a mistake, or is any of the food we have featured no longer vegan? Do you have an alternative opinion to offer on the food we have reviewed, or any other vegan food product? The more opinions people have to go on, the better, so please leave a comment.

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