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Vegan Food Reviewed

On this page: reviews of vegan meat, and where you can buy it.

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Because taste is so subjective, you may like to take a look at the “What May Affect My Reviews” page before reading the reviews.

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My favourite for burgers are the Gro Incredible Burger from Co-op, and the Classic Miami Burger, from Morrison’s and Ocado. My second choice is Morrison’s own brand of meat free burgers. Steve’s favourites are Plant Chef burgers and Naked Glory burgers, both from Tesco, plus he enjoys the Iceland No Bull Burger. Sausage favourites are Richmond Meat Free Sausages, from Morrison’s, and Meetlyke Bockwurst, available from some independent shops, Quorn Vegan Cumberland Sausage, from Tesco, and then Vegetarians Choice Lincolnshire Sausages. Our favourite vegan bacon is Miami Burger bacon, available from Ocado. Our favourite mince is Hooba Foods Vegan Mince, and you can get it from Our favourite Turkey is Tofurky Oven Roasted Slices and the Tofurky Hickory Smoked Slices. Also nice is the Tofurky Slow Roasted Chick’n Barbeque, all available from some independent shops. I have a friend who raves about Beyond Meat products.


Meetlyke Vegan Bockwurst (Food Nude, Kendal)

Steve and I both really like these vegan meat free sausages, and think they are pretty realistic. Sadly, we can’t find these sold locally to us, otherwise we’d buy them regularly. Definitely one of our favourites.

Quorn Vegan Cumberland Sausages (Morrison’s)

These are one of our favourite vegan meat free sausages. They are a little bit too spicy for me, and a little heavy on the herbs, but still very nice.

Vegetarians Choice Lincolnshire Sausages

These look smooth on the outside, like most meat sausage. My other half Steve and I both liked these. I felt that the only drawbacks were that the sausages would have been nicer with a more salty taste, and they were a bit too hot & spicy for me. However, Steve didn’t agree with either of those things. These are one of our favourite vegan sausages now. The trouble is, they are not available in any shops near us.

Richmond Meat Free Sausages (Morrison’s)

These smell lovely, and how I remember sausages smelling. As I had my first bite into one, the taste matched the smell. I was delighted at how tasty these were, and how much like meat sausages they tasted. The texture was nice, not too much soya. After a few seconds, However, I was dismayed at spiciness hitting me and my mouth feeling like it was on fire. Fellow taster, Helen, did not find them anywhere near as spicy, but did find them delicious.
despite the spiciness, this is one of my top choices for sausages. If only they weren’t as spicy, then they’d be pretty perfect!

No Porkies Sausages (Iceland)

These have a nobbly and crusty appearance, rather than a smooth one, and they are rather vibrant pink shade. Steve and I both thought they were quite nice, a lot like the No Bull Burger and meatballs from the same Iceland range. I’m not sure that they are particularly convincing as meat sausages, but a nice alternative. These sausages do not contain palm oil, as Iceland decided not to use palm oil in their own brand products while it cannot be guaranteed that it will not cause destruction of the rain forests.

Linda McCartney 6 Vegetarian Sausages (Tesco)

These vegan meat free sausages have a quite nobbly, crusty appearance instead of a smooth one. Steve and I both think they are quite tasty. I think these are the nicest in the Linda McCartney sausage range, although Steve thinks the ones with red onion are just as nice. They were nice and salty, but I was not too keen on the texture.

Fry’s Artisan Smoked Hot Dogs (Sainsbury’s)

I tried these cold, and the look and texture, including when you bite into it, was very hotdog like. The taste was sort of how I remember hot dogs, but not as salty. After chewing a few times my throat was hit by spiciness! 😡 I didn’t expect that in a hot dog.

Linda McCartney 6 Red Onion And Rosemary Sausages (Tesco)

These looked nobbly and crusty. I felt that they were not salty enough and didn’t have much taste. I didn’t like the texture either. Steve liked them as much as the original Linda M sausages.

BirdsEye Green Cuisine Sausages (Asda)

These vegan meat free sausages didn’t have a very strong flavour, to me, so I needed to add salt. Unfortunately I thought I could slightly taste that familiar soya taste too. I also felt it in the texture. A good point was that the sausages weren’t at all spicy. Steve thought they were nice, but neither of us thought they were nicer for our favourite, Quorn Cumberland Sausage, or our second and third favourites, Meetlyke Bockwurst and Vegetarians Choice Lincolnshire Sausages.

Sainsbury’s Love Your Veg Caramelised Onion Shroomdogs

These vegan meat free sausages have a smooth appearance, but look quite grey in the pack. I had high hopes for these as many people seem to say they are the best, but they were too hot & spicy for me. I know some other people have said they don’t find them spicy at all though. Steve wasn’t keen on them either, but I think that was because the “shroom” name put him off, as he claims to hate mushrooms.

Sainsbury’s Love Your Veg Cumberland Shroomdogs

These vegan meat free sausages looked nice, like real sausages. When I tasted it, my first impression was that it was very peppery, and then the spiciness hit me. It was far too spicy for me. Steve said he liked them and they were not too spicy for him. He wasn’t put off by the mushroom clue in the name this time because I didn’t tell him the name of these ones.

Asda Vegetarian Cumberland Sausages

I did not like these vegan meat free sausages, as they were too spicy for me. Steve did not like them because he doesn’t like mushrooms and the mushroom flavour was quite strong (although he does like some food made of mushrooms).

Hooba Foods Sausages (Various Flavours)

Steve and I have tried a variety of Hooba Foods vegan meat free sausages: Apple & Sage, Breakfast Style, Chorizo, Cumberland, and Harissa. Because we loved the Hooba sausage rolls, we had high hopes for the sausages, as we thought at least one of them would be the same as the sausage inside their sausage rolls. We are disappointed to say that none of the ones we tried were similar and we didn’t like any of them.

Vegetarians Choice Sausages (H&B)

These vegan meat free sausages looked a bit like they were hot dog style, smooth and pink, but Steve and I didn’t feel they had very much taste.

Morrisons Meat Free Sausages

These didn’t have as much flavour as I’d hoped and Steve wasn’t that keen either. They reminded me of less flavoursome Linda McCartney sausages.

Fry’s Family Sausages (Morrisons)

These look smooth but each sausage is quite small. In addition to this, when we cut into them, they seemed to deflate! Both Steve and I thought the taste was quite nice. They were meat-like, but they were not our favourite.

Taifun Tofu Cocktail Sausages (8th Day Co-op, Manchester)

These come as long hot dog style sausages or shorter sausages, and are smooth in appearance. They can be eaten cold straight out of the pack, or cooked. I didn’t think they tasted very great. They had a sort of whole-meal taste to me that I wasn’t keen on. My friend disagreed and felt they had a really nice smokey hot dog taste. One of my friends children liked it as a hot dog in bread with ketchup. The sausages were a bit oily but only because of the oil they are vacuum packed in.

Tofurky Original Sausage Italian Style (Sainsbury’s Carlisle)

These smooth textured sausages we’re far too spicy for me. It felt like they set my mouth on fire so I couldn’t taste much. Steve found them too spicy as well, and was not keen.

Tofurky Spinach Pesto Sausages (

Steve and I thought these smooth textures sausages sounded like they would be nice, but we were both disappointed by the taste. They were not salty or flavoursome enough and were too spicy for me.

VBites Vegi Deli Pork Style Mini Sausages (Larger Holland & Barrett and health food shops)

Smooth appearance and can be eaten either straight out of the pack as a snack, or heated. The taste was OK but Steve, my friend Helen, and I found them pretty dry.

VBites Vegi Deli Lincolnshire Style Sausages (

These were smooth like most meat sausages, but were too dry.  They have a nice taste, but it is too subtle and would be nicer stronger.  My parents’ fussy dog liked these, and she turns her nose up at most food.

Cauldron Vegan Sausages (Tesco)

These were not convincing as meat sausages, although I do not think that is the intention behind them. Steve and I both thought they didn’t taste very great.

M&S Plant Kitchen Sausoyges

We oven cooked these vegan meat free sausages. They have a nice sausage-like texture because they are smooth and in a skin. I thought the taste was peppery and herby, but needed salt to add flavour. After chewing my first piece for a while I found it had a spicy kick, which was too hot for me. I could also taste the slight woody taste of the soya, which I wasn’t keen on. My friend Helen also thought they were peppery and herby. She said they were a bit dry and would be nicer more moist. She agreed they had a spicy kick but it wasn’t too hot for her.

Fry’s Smoked Hot Dogs

You can eat these old, straight out of the pack, or cooked. Both Steve and I thought the look and texture of these was extremely like animal meat hot dogs. We found that they had a spicy kick, not at first, but at the end. We thought It was strange for a hot dog to be spicy like that. They do have a smoked taste, but it is not overwhelming.


Classic Miami Burger

This is my favourite meat free burger. I find it very convincing, and very flavoursome. The texture is also good. My favourite burgers up until this point were Morrison’s Meat Free Burgers, but these are bigger and a bit tastier. I have tried Beyond Burgers and these beat them. Half the price as well.

Iceland No Bull Burgers 1/4 Pounders

These are meant to taste like meat and have the appearance and texture of meat, and even bleed like meat while being cooked. I don’t think they could pass for meat: the texture is too soft and mushy; and the colour and “blood” too purple-pink (beetroot colour). They are a nice big 1/4 pounder size. The taste, although nice, is not the same as meat. It is enjoyable though. Steve especially likes them, they are his favourite vegan burger now. We would both definitely recommend cooking them for longer than the instructions say. Steve now has these regularly. These burgers do not contain palm oil, as Iceland decided not to use palm oil in their own brand products while it cannot be guaranteed that it will not cause destruction of the rain forests.

Vegetarians Choice Burgers (from 8th Day Co-op, Manchester)

These were quite light in colour, lighter than most meat burgers. Steve and I thought these were nice, but possibly not as nice as the Morrison’s own brand burgers we often have, which are a lot easier to get hold of where we live. These burgers would be nicer if they weren’t so flat. If overcooked too much they can go hard and dry.

Sainsbury’s 8 Vegetarian Meat Free Burgers

Steve and I thought these were nice, possibly even on a par with Morrison’s Meat Free Burgers. As with those, it would be better if the burgers were not as flat. We felt they were quite meat like, but a stronger flavour would be better.
We like them a bit over done so they go a bit Crispy around the edge. They can go very dry and hard if too overcooked though.

Birds Eye Green Cuisine Meat Free Burgers (Asda)

I thought these vegan meat free burgers were OK, but they didn’t have a strong enough taste for me. I thought the texture of these burgers were more meat-like than their sausages. Steve thought these burgers were quite nice, but they don’t rival the No Bull Burgers from Iceland in his eyes.

Quorn Ultimate Burgers (Tesco)

These are quarter pounder burgers. Steve thought they were quite nice, but I wasn’t a fan. I didn’t think the smell was particularly mouth watering, and I thought the taste wasn’t brilliant either. The texture was quite good though.

The Deli Beetroot Burgers (Sainsbury’s)

These burgers had a disappointing lack of taste to me, and Steve thought they were bland. In a bun with lashings of tomato ketchup or vegan mayo though, they were OK.

Morrisons Meat Free Indian Style Quarter Pounders 4 pack

These vegan burgers were far too spicy for me, but Steve liked them.

Morrison’s Meat Free Burgers

Steve and I regularly have these burgers, as they are easy to get hold of, quite nice tasting, and quite meat-like. We cook them for longer than recommended so the edges slightly crispy but the rest juicy. Cook too long and you are left with a hard and dry burger. An improvement would be if the burgers were thicker and had a stronger flavour. They are my favourite vegan meat free burger and one of Steve’s favourites too.

Tesco Meat Free Meat Style Burgers

When I saw these vegan meat free burgers, I was surprised at how flat they were. They really need doubled up. I could taste the soya in them and I felt that they didn’t have as much flavour as the Morrison’s equivalents. Steve thought they were OK, but agreed the Morrison’s ones were nicer.

Mae’s Kitchen Vegan No Beef Burgers (Aldi)

These are two quarter pounder size meat style burgers. They smell quite nice, although are not particularly strong smelling. They taste quite nice but are not strong enough tasting. Steve said he could taste too much mushroom in his, and he doesn’t like mushrooms. i thought the taste and texture was of too much soya. I would have liked it to smell and taste stronger. I still think Morrison’s own brand are my favourite, doubled up in a bun.

Linda McCartney 2 Pulled Pork Style Burgers

These vegan meat free burgers were a nice large 1/4 pounder size. My friend Helen liked these, and I agreed that they did have a nice Chinese taste. However, Steve and I didn’t like the texture much, which we thought was slightly jelly-like in the middle.

Iceland No Porkies Burgers Pulled Pork Burgers

I had higher hopes for these vegan meat free burgers. I hoped they would be more flavoursome and sticky than they were. Steve thought they were quite nice.

Sainsbury’s Love Your Veg The Smoky Jack Burger

These have mushrooms in, and despite my other half Steve not liking mushrooms, he liked this burger. I didn’t tell him about the mushrooms until afterwards, as knowing would colour his opinion. The burgers had a nice smoky taste and nice texture – not too mushy. The taste would have been better if it was stronger.

Asda Meat Free Beef Style Burgers

Steve liked these, and I thought they were quite nice and meat-like, but I added salt to give a stronger flavour. We like them done longer than recommended so the edges go a little crispy, but if cooked too long, they go hard. A bigger, less flat burger would be preferable too, but I suppose I could double them up in a burger bun.

Fry’s Family Meat Free Burgers (Morrisons)

Steve and I thought these vegan meat style burgers were OK, but preferred the Morrison’s equivalent. They would be better if fatter. If overcooked, they can go hard and dry.

The Meatless Farm Co. Meat Free Burgers (Morrison’s)

These vegan meat style burgers looked nice, but both Steve and I disliked the taste. To us, they tasted of soya and not much else.

Linda McCartney 2 Vegetarian 1/4 Pounder Burgers

When Steve and I were vegetarian, we used to like the Linda M Mozzarella burger. We therefore thought we would like these nice big vegan burgers too. We were wrong, although I thought that with dark soy sauce over it, it was OK (just). Having said that, the texture was fairly meat like.

Beyond Meat The Beyond Burger (Tesco)

These vegan meat burgers are nice big chunky quarter pounder size. When cooking, they smelled very much like steak, or at least steak flavouring from crisps. It was a lovely strong smell and we were excited to try the flavour. When we tucked in, we were a little disappointed that they didn’t have as strong a flavour as the smell lead us to believe they would have. The flavour that was there was nice, and lovely and smokey, as if done on a bbq. We just wished it was stronger. And we definitely wished the price of these expensive burgers was lower! The texture is pretty meat like.

No Bull Tofu Burgers (Iceland)

Neither my partner nor I liked these at all. We felt they didn’t have much taste and we didn’t like the texture which was slightly jelly-like inside the burgers. They are not convincing as meat. Burgers

Steve and I thought these vegan meat style burgers were just OK, but we preferred the Iceland No Bull Burgers and the Morrison’s meat free burgers respectively.


MHEAT Streaky Rashers (Food Nude, Kendal)

These were expensive, and as usual with imitation bacon, I managed to burn it. So, sadly it didn’t get a fair taste test. From the less burned bits, it tasted OK, and I’d like to try it again and not burn it.

VBites Cheatin’ Rashers (Morrisons)

These are shaped like bacon rashers, and have a very subtle taste of bacon, but they had a nowhere near strong enough bacon flavour for us. If overcooked, they become very hard, brittle, and taste burnt.

Plant Pioneers Smoky Vacon Lardons (Sainsbury’s)

I went to Sainsbury’s with the intention of buying rashers from the brand, but they were sold out. So, I thought these might taste practically the same. I have tried some cold, and they do have a smoky taste, but I would still like it stronger and saltier.

Tofurky Smoked Ham Style Slices

Although this is not marketed as a substitute for bacon, I have included it in this category because, when fried, it could be. Most vegan “meat” slices I’ve tried have a pretty subtle flavour, but this has a stronger flavour. I had to have a few slices before I decided on whether I liked it or not, because it has an unusual taste at first. Steve wasn’t as keen on it and didn’t eat enough to get used to it. The Tofurky brand seems to be good for meat slices and chunks, as they have a stronger flavour than other brands, such as Quorn.

Terra Vegane Berlin Bacon (Hackney Fresh, London)

I did not like this very much at all. It had a strange, wheaty kind of taste, and not much bacon taste. It was made of lots of little chunks, so I think it was meant as bacon chunks rather than rashers.

Meetlyke vegan bacon (Hackney Fresh, London)

These do not look like meat bacon rashers, as they are a square shape. I tasted a little bit of this before cooking it, and it was OK, but not brilliant. Then I cooked it…far too much. Sadly I burned it, but I am pleased to say that there were some less burned bits that tasted rather nice. The taste was probably too subtle though. Steve thought it tasted…a bit too burned. I know that Meetlyke Bockwurst Sausages are very realistic as meat, and very tasty indeed so, with this being from the same brand, I am keen to try it cooked correctly. Sadly, it is hard to get hold of in these parts.


Quorn Meat Free Vegan Nuggets (Tesco)

Steve and I both really like these dipped in vegan mayo or ketchup. I’m not sure if I prefer the texture of the stuff inside the Quorn nuggets or the Fry’s nuggets. The Quorn ones are drier and may be slightly more chicken-like, but could be a bit too dry.

Iceland No Chick Fillets

I was expecting these to taste pretty much like taste different to the Quorn and Fry’s chicken, but it tasted different. It doesn’t taste the same as chicken to me, but it does have a fairly pleasant taste. I would be happy enough to have it again.

Tofurky Slow Roasted Chick ‘n Barbecue Tangy (Golden Harvest, Whitehaven)

Holland & Barrett – These are chunks and are really tasty. They are quite convincing as meat. I really liked it more than I thought I would. It was a nice sweet kind of tangy, and not hot and spicy. Steve thought it was quite nice. We would buy it again if we could get hold of it.

Miami Burger Louisiana Chick’n Burger

This was far too hot and spicy for me, but Stephen enjoyed it. Steve said the only drawback was that some of the inside was slightly jelly-like, and he would have preferred it a bit drier. The next time he had one, he left it in the oven a bit longer, and said it made the texture inside better.

Quorn Crunchy Tex-Mex Nuggets

I was expecting these to be spicier than they were. It was a pleasant surprise that they weren’t too spicy. Steve really enjoyed them.

Fry’s Family Meat Free Chicken Style Nuggets (Morrisons)

These chicken style chunks covered in golden bread crumbs were really nice, especially with tomato sauce or vegan mayo. I love the crispy outside, but sometimes find the insides a bit too moist to be convincing as chicken. Steve really likes these.

Fry’s Meat Free Chicken Style Strips  (Morrisons)

It says to do these in a wok, but we oven baked them and I really liked how they went slightly crispy in the outside and softer on the inside. Not a very distinct taste, but I liked them. Seasoning them or putting them in a sauce would make them even nicer.

VBites Cheatin’ Chicken Style Slices

I liked these, they reminded me of the VBites Vegi Deli Sage and Onion Slices, which I really like as well. they have a more subtle taste than those though.

Quorn Vegan Chicken Free Slices (Morrison’s)

These smell very realistic, but the flavour isn’t as strong as I would like. Steve really likes these and buys them a lot.

VBites VegiDeli Southern Fried Chicken Style Pieces

Steve really liked these but they were too spicy for me. I did like the taste before the fire in my mouth took over. I preferred the Fry’s or Quorn ones, Whereas Steve preferred these. They are not easy to get hold of around here though.

M&S Plant Kitchen Chic’n Nuggets

These were nice, and I liked the texture of the “chicken”. It wasn’t too jelly-like, but wasn’t too dry either.

Asda Meat Free Popcorn Chicken

Steve and I both thought these were nice. I could taste a herb, but I don’t know which one. They would be nice to dip in vegan mayo or ketchup.


Tofurky Smoked Ham Style Slices (Golden Harvest, Whitehaven)

Unlike many other meat substitute slices, which have a subtle taste, these slices have a strong taste. It tasted a little unusual at first and I had to get used to it, but once I did, I liked it and wanted more. Steve was not so sure and did not eat enough of it to get used to it. The slices are not as slimy as actual ham meat slices, but that’s no bad thing, and they are not too dry.

VBites Cheatin’ Ham Style Slices (Morrisons)

Compared to actual ham, I think this has quite a subtle taste, and it is not as salty. It is drier than normal ham, and has quite a smokey flavour. I think it would be nicer if it had a stronger, less smokey flavour, and was more moist. Having said that, it is quite nice. The after-taste reminds me of the VBites Sage & Onion Slices, which I like.

Quorn Vegan Smoky Ham Free Slices (Morrison’s)

These are nice, but I would have liked a stronger, saltier flavour. My other half Steve really likes them and eats them often. They are quite moist and taste pleasant. It’s a shame their taste is so subtle.

Terra Vegane Not Ham (Hackney Fresh, London)

I wasn’t keen on these and neither was Steve. We didn’t think they tasted like ham and didn’t enjoy them. The dog got most of them!


Garden Golden Fishless Filets (Sainsbury’s)

These smelled a bit fishy, although not strongly. My other half Steve and I had them. We both thought they were OK. We liked the batter, and the texture of the “fish” inside was fine, but not strongly fishy.

Quorn Vegan Fishless Fingers (Tesco)

Steve quite liked these, but I didn’t think they tasted very fishy. The filling tasted how English muffins taste. Not an unpleasant taste if you like English muffins, just not very fishy.

Fry’s Family Battered Prawn Style Pieces (

Both Steve and I thought these were quite nice, and we could detect a subtle prawn type taste, but not a very strong one at all.

VBites Smoked Salmon Slices (H&B )

These have quite a strong flavour and are very salty, like smoked salmon is. There is a pretty convincing fishy taste to them. Steve didn’t like them, but then he never liked smoked salmon.

VBites Fishless Fishcakes (8th Day Co-op)

These had a slight taste of fish, but weren’t as moist as normal fish cakes. They would have been nicer if they were. Steve and I thought they were quite nice though.

M&S Plant Kitchen Fishless Fishcakes

These are a generous size, quite chunky. Inside they are the texture expected for fishcakes, but maybe not quite as moist and potatoey. They taste a little of fish, but not strongly. The thing I found odd was that there was the occasional full bean among the mushy inside the fishcake. Both my friend Helen and I thought all the inside should be mushy, and not have full beans in.

Morrison’s Vegan Hosimaki (vegan sushi)

These were comprised of rice, vegetables, seaweed and spices, and came with soy sauce. I enjoyed all the different flavours, with the soy sauce on. My friend Helen also found them rather nice.


No Bull Meat Balls (Iceland)

These are quite nice, and taste a lot like the No Bull Burgers from Iceland. Steve liked them. I’m not sure they’d be convincing as meat though.

Linda McCartney’s Vegetarian Meatballs (Asda)

Steve and I thought these were quite meaty in texture, but I thought they needed a bit more flavour, but with some salt they were quite nice. With sauce or gravy we both think they’d be pretty good. meatballs

Because the Hooba mince was so flavoursome, I expected the meatballs to be similar, but they were nowhere near as tasty. They might be nice in a sauce though.

M&S Plant Kitchen No Meat Meatballs

These tasted nice, but not particularly meaty. They were sort of across between imitation meat and vegetable meat balls. I had them without sauce, but I expect they would be very nice in sauce.


VBites Cheatin’ Turkey Style Roast (

Steve and I had this on our Christmas dinners. I wasn’t impressed. It had a wholemeal, wheaty kind of taste to me. Steve liked it a little more than me, but said he wouldn’t really want it again.

Tofurky Oven Roasted Turkey Style Slices (The Incredible Nutshell, Sheffield)

Both Steve and I thought these were nice and flavoursome, and quite realistic as turkey slices. A great choice to have on your Christmas Dinner.

Tofurky Hickory Smoked Turkey Style Slices (The Incredible Nutshell, Sheffield)

My friend and I both thought these were yummy. Full of flavour. The texture reminded us of real turkey slices. We will be getting more of these. They would be good to have at Christmas too.

VBites Cheatin’ Turkey Style Slices (

I didn’t like these, as I felt they had a really odd taste, but Steve really liked them.


Steve and I both loved this vegan meat free mince! It was really flavoursome, more so than meat mince. Once made with vegan stock/gravy, it is very salty though, and may be too salty for some. I think I may mix in a little mushroom mince next time, to reduce the saltiness just a little bit.

Waitrose Vegan Grain Mince

I tasted this as part of a stuffed mushroom. The mince itself was not in a sauce and didn’t have a strong flavour. I prefer vegan mince, but in vegan stock/vegan gravy/a sauce, this might be quite nice.

Sainsbury’s Mushroom Mince

Although this isn’t strictly a meat substitute, I thought that when made with vegan stock/gravy, it might taste like one. It didn’t. Flavour was lacking and it was nowhere near salty enough for me. I imagine it would give a nice result if a little was mixed with the very salty Hooba mince though.


Fry’s Meat Free Thick Cut Chunky Strips

We tasted these vegan meat pieces without any kind of sauce or marinade. I found they were too full of herbs and so I wasn’t keen. Steve, who likes the taste of herbs, like them. They are intended to have flavouring on them as part of a stir fry or similar meal.

VBites VegiDeli Sage & Onion slices (Morrisons)

Although these are not strictly a meat substitute, being just sage and onion slices, the slices are in the style of meat. The look of them, with their grey matte appearance, could be off-putting to some, but they are actually really tasty. I am not a fan of too much sage, but the balance in these slices is just right, and very tasty. We buy them every week and get through a lot of these yummy slices.

Fry’s Meat Free Golden Crumbled Schnitzels (Morrisons)

I felt like the picture on the box was misleading, as it made these look creamy inside. Because I was expecting them to creamy and moist, I found them quite dry in comparison. However, with sauce, they are still nice, and quite meat-like. I think the picture on the box is more of a serving suggestion than what the product is like. In fact, it might even say that and I just didn’t notice!

Quorn Vegan BBQ Strips (Tesco)

These vegan meat style strips were OK and did have a subtle BBQ taste, but I would have preferred the taste to be stronger. They would be nice in a sauce though.

Macsween Haggis (H&B)

This reminded me a bit of a nut roast, except it had less flavour. Steve wasn’t keen on it. Covered in vegan gravy it was really nice though.

VBites Cheatin’ Garlic Style Sausage Slices (

Both Steve and I found the Garlic flavour in these slices overpowering and weren’t very keen on them as a result.

V Pud black pudding (H&B/Morrisons)

I was looking forward to this, but was disappointed to find it had an unexpected mint flavour. That really put me off as I don’t like mint in savoury food, and wouldn’t expect it in black pudding. Steve wasn’t particularly keen on it either.

Vivera Veggie Steak (Tesco)

Neither Steve nor I liked the taste of this. These appear to look steak-like in the pack, but it wasn’t a convincing steak taste to me.

Wheaty Vegan Slices Salami (8th Day Co-op, Manchester)

My friend and I both thought these were nice, but the hot n spicy kick at the end was too much for me. The flavour wasn’t too strong, or too weak, just nice. My friend thought they tasted more like chorizo than salami.

Wheaty Vegan Slices Smoked (

Neither Steve nor I liked these at all. They had a very strong wholemeal taste to me, and Steve thought they tasted like brown bread.

Cauldron Marinated Tofu Pieces (Tesco)

I didn’t like whatever is was that these pieces had been marinated in, but when I mixed them into a nice sweet Aldi hoisin and garlic sauce, I liked them. Steve doesn’t like hoisin sauce so wouldn’t have any.

VBItes VegiDeli Meat-Free Meat Loaf (Holland & Barrett)

Steve and I tried this on our Christmas dinner. I thought it was OK, but Steve took an instant dislike to it. I thought it had a very slight treacle type taste or smell to it.

Linda McCartney’s Vegetarian Beef Roast with Red Wine & Shallot Glaze

This is one of the meat substitutes we tried for Christmas. Steve said he found it too sweet (maybe the glaze), but I liked the glaze. It was the rest of it that I wasn’t too keen on. I think it was a combination of the texture and taste I didn’t really like.

Vegan Jerky

For vegan jerky, see Vegan Crisps And Snacks

Sweet Food Reviewed

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Have we made any mistakes? Would you lie to let people know an alternative opinion on the foods we have tried? The more opinions the better! Please leave a comment.

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