Vegan Crackers, Crisp Breads & Snack Breads

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Vegan Food Reviewed

On this page: reviews of vegan crackers / biscuits for cheese, and where you can buy them.

Because taste is so subjective, you may like to take a look at the “What May Affect My Reviews” page before reading the reviews.

Top Choices

My favourites from this page are Blue Dragon Lightly Salted Rice Crackers from B&M and Ryvita Crackerbread from Tesco. If I spiciness didn’t feel like my mouth had been set on fire, the Sweet Chilli Rice Crackers from B&M would be up there too. My other half, Steve, liked the Bruschetta Tomato and Oregano snack breads the best.

Here are all the vegan crackers, crisp breads and snack breads we have tried so far (more will be added as we try them)…

Vegan Crackers, Crisp Breads, and Snack Breads

Peckish Tangy Barbecue Rice Crackers (B&M)

I tried these in their own, and with Tesco Free From Soft Cheese Alternative. On their own, they have a nice flavour, but are a little dry, and a little two spicy for me. The combination of these crackers and the cheese alternative is lovely, with the soft cheese taking any spiciness I felt from the biscuits, away.

RiceSnax Salt & Vinegar Rice Thins (Home Bargains)

I don’t normally like salt & vinegar flavoured things very much, as they are usually too strong and sting my mouth. These aren’t as bad as that, and with pate or vegan soft cheese on, are quite nice.

Rice Crackers Sweet Chilli Flavour (Home Bargains/B&M)

I was a bit reluctant to try these because of the chilli element. They turned out to be rather nice, and the spiciness didn’t hit immediately. Having vegan soft cheese with them made them a bit less spicy too. The sweet part of the flavour is delicious. I just wish the chilli part wasn’t there!

Blue Dragon Original Lightly Salted Rice Crackers (B&M)

These were nice to have with vegan cheese or pate. I thought they might be lacking in salt, because they say “lightly” salted, but they were OK.

Great Food Affairs Bruschetta Toasted Snack Breads Garlic & Parsley (Home Bargains) –

I found these much too dry on their own, and even with houmous, pate or soft cheese, they were too thick and crunchy for me. Steve ate them with nothing as a topping, and enjoyed them.

Great Food Affairs Bruschetta Toasted Snack Breads Tomato & Oregano (Home Bargains)

Similar opinion to the one above for both Steve and me. I was also hoping for a stronger tomato flavour in these than there was.

Nairn’s Gluten Free Oatcakes (Poundstretcher)

I found these very dry, even if I spread something moist on the top. For that reason, I didn’t like them.

Ryvita Crackerbread (Tesco)

This is delicious for having soft cheese spread on. I am a bit addicted to this at the moment, having it with Violife Greek Style cheese and chopped cherry tomatoes. I think crackerbread would be delicious with a whole variety of toppings, both sweet and savoury.

Sweet Vegan Food Reviewed

Savoury Vegan Food Reviewed


Please let us know what you think of these, or any other vegan food products you have tried, and where you got them. The more opinions people have to go off, the better!
Please also tell us if you think we have made a mistake, or that a food product is now no longer vegan.

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