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Vegan Food Reviewed

On this page: reviews of vegan chocolate spread, and vegan chocolate sauce. Also see where you can buy vegan chocolate spreads and sauces.

I find the vegan chocolate spreads and sauces I have tried much sweeter than the vegan chocolate bars I have tried. The spreads and sauces do not have the waxy feel I notice with vegan solid chocolate, and they melt in the mouth.

Because taste is so subjective, you may like to take a look at the “What May Affect My Reviews” page before reading the reviews.

Top Choices

Our favourites out of the chocolate spreads and sauces on this page are Vego Hazelnut Chocolate Spread, Mr Organic Chocolate and Hazelnut Spread, and Nature’s Store Hazelnut and Cocoa spread.

Here is all the chocolate spread we have tried so far (more will be added as we try it)…

Vegan Chocolate Spread

Plamil So Free Chocolate Orange Spread

This vegan chocolate spread was delicious. It says it is dark chocolate, but it isn’t bitter at all. It might be the sweet flavour of the orange that does that. The taste is quite close to the taste of Terry’s Chocolate Orange. Because it is spread, it melts in the mouth nice and easily. It is nicer and sweeter than any of the chocolate orange bars I have tried, even the Plamil So Free chocolate orange bar.

Plamil So Free Chocolate Spread (Golden Harvest Health Food Shop, Whitehaven)

Because I liked the chocolate orange spread from the same brand, I expected to like this. However, I found it to have a funny taste, like I could really taste flour in it. My parents tried it and enjoyed it.

Vego Chocolate Hazelnut Spread (Golden Harvest Health Food Shop)

This has small crunchy pieces of hazelnut in and is delicious. It is nicer and sweeter than both Vego bars and Vegalinos, made by the same brand. It melts in the mouth well too. This chocolate spread has quite a close taste to Nutella. So has Nature’s Store Hazelnut and Cacoa Spread. Neither are quite as creamy or sweet though. I enjoy eating this vegan chocolate spread straight out of the jar (a bit too much!)

Mr Organic Hazelnut Chocolate Spread (The Incredible Nutshell, Sheffield)

This was very tasty, and I liked to eat it out of the pot. It has a smooth texture, but is not quite as runny as the other vegan chocolate spreads I have tried. It tasted a bit like Nutella, but maybe not quite as sweet or creamy. The jar was quite small for the price though.

Nature’s Store Hazelnut & Cocoa Spread (Asda)

My other half, Steve, and both my parents tried this, and we all liked it. I thought it had an after-taste that was slightly tangy, but the others didn’t find that. I thought it was quite like Nutella, but not as creamy. Maybe not quite as sweet either.

Chocolate Sauce

Sweet Freedom Choc Shot (Holland & Barrett)

Steve and I tried this as a sauce on ice cream. It can also be used as a flavour to mix into drinks. Both Steve and I thought this had a funny taste and didn’t like it. We gave it to my parents, who said they thought it was quite nice.

Sweet Freedom Choc Shot Orange Spice (Holland & Barrett)

I didn’t have high hopes for this, since I hadn’t liked the choc flavour, but this chocolate orange flavour was a lot better. Steve and I had it on ice cream, although it says you can have it in drinks. It still had a slightly funny taste at first, but with this one, you quickly get used to it and actually enjoy it. Steve said he didn’t really notice the odd initial taste like I did. .

Sweet Freedom Choc Shake Caramel (Holland & Barrett)

This was a chocolate-caramel flavoured sauce that you can make milkshakes with. Steve and I just tried it as a sauce on icecream, but neither of us were fans of the taste. It got given to my parents, who also didn’t realise it was for milkshakes, and also put it in ice cream. They thought it was quite nice.

The Groovy Food Company Agave Chocolate And Orange Sauce (Holland & Barrett)

Both Steve and I thought this had a chocolate and orange liquor taste, like alcoholic chocolates have. We weren’t keen on the taste because of that.

Sweet Sauce & Syrup

Sweet Freedom Light Syrup (Holland & Barrett)

I tasted this on its own, and I wasn’t sure. Even though it was quite sweet, I thought I could taste dates in it – it was that kind of sweet. However, When I had it on a crumpet, with vegan margarine, it tasted lovely! I thought it tasted a bit like across between agave and honey then. It is also lovely on granola cereal and in rice milk.

Clark’s Organic Agave Syrup

This is more tangy than golden syrup, but I find it delicious on granola with rice milk, or just in rice milk to drink. It is lovely on crumpets with Vitalite or Flora Buttery.

The Groovy Food Company Agave Nectar

This sweet syrupy sauce is lovely on granola and on crumpets with Vitalite or Flora. I also like it just mixed into rice milk. It is tangier than golden syrup.

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Please let us know what you think of these, or any other vegan food products you have tried, and where you got them. The more opinions people have to go off, the better!
Please also tell us if you think we have made a mistake, or that a food product is now no longer vegan.

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