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Vegan Food Reviewed

On this page: reviews of vegan chocolate bars, chocolate sweets, and chocolates. You will also see where you can buy them.

Because taste is so subjective, you may like to take a look at the “What May Affect My Reviews” page before reading the reviews.

I didn’t realise how picky I was about the taste of chocolate until I started trying to find alternatives for big brands like Mars, Cadbury, Terry’s, and Nestle. I have found it very hard to find vegan chocolate bars that melt in the mouth well, and that are sweet and creamy enough. Currently, it is some of the vegan chocolate spreads available that I turn to for my chocolate fix, as I feel they are sweeter and creamier, melt in the mouth better, and closer to the taste of the brands I was used to.

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There is one chocolate bar we have tried that is both sweet enough, and it actually melts in your mouth nicely. It is Rapunzel Nirwana Vegan Praline Chocolate Bar, available online. It is one of Steve’s favourites too. The only drawback is a slightly bitter after taste sometimes. The rest of our favourites do have that slightly waxy, clumpy, claggy feel in the mouth, because they don’t melt in the mouth quickly and evenly enough. Some have it more than others. However, there is a solution: Gently warm the chocolate with your body heat, then eat it when it has softened. Up with our favourites are the three Galaxy vegan bars: smooth orange; hazelnut; caramel and sea salt. They are lovely and sweet. Another favourite is also Vivani White Nougat Crisp. One that tastes the same as that one is iChoc White Nougat Crisp. Carpe Bio Vegan Blond from Aldi is a favourite. Another Favourite of Steve’s is Numo caramel and sea salt, found in some Tesco stores. Bohme Orange Creme is the only one of my other top pics that doesn’t have the waxy, clumpy feeling in your mouth – probably because the shell is dark chocolate. I used to be able to get it from Home Bargains, but sadly no longer. Something else that tastes like this is Moser Roth Orange Creams. Sadly, they seemed to be one of Aldi’s temporary products. However, Whittaker’s Orange Cremes taste the same – delicious. A final favourite is the Go Max Go Thumbs Up bar, available from the AnimalAid online shop.

Here is all the vegan chocolate we have tried so far (we will add more as we try it)…


Rapunzel Nirwana Vegan Chocolate Praline (Eighth Day Co-op, Manchester)

This is one of my favourite vegan chocolate bars. I like it best not only because it is sweet enough – which a lot of vegan chocolate isn’t – but the milk chocolate doesn’t have the waxy, claggy feel in my mouth that other vegan milk chocolate has. The trade off is that I sometimes get a slightly bitter aftertaste. I wish it was more readily available.

Fry’s Peppermint Cream 3 bar pack (Home Bargains)

These bars have a dark vegan chocolate shell with lots of sweet Peppermint fondant inside, and they are quite delicious. The sweet fondant makes the dark chocolate seem sweeter. Steve enjoys them too.

Fry’s Chocolate cream 3 bar pack (both from Home Bargains or B&M)

These vegan chocolate bars were nice, but not as nice as the peppermint ones, as I could taste the bitterness of the dark chocolate a bit more in this one. Steve likes them just as much as the peppermint bars.

Fry’s Orange Cream 3 bar pack (Home Bargains)

The Orange fondant in this bar was not as sickly sweet as I thought – and hoped – it would be. I thought it tasted more like real fruit orange than I expected. I thought this would be my favourite flavour, but the peppermint is better. For an orange fondant bar, the Bohme orange bar (reviewed further down), also from Home Bargains, is nicer. My friend Helen tried the Fry’s orange bar and enjoyed it.

Vivani white nougat crisp vegan chocolate bar, from or –

This is one of my favourite vegan chocolate bars. It has a sweet truffle type middle with little crispy bits. The “white” vegan chocolate is actually a light brown colour.  This bar is just as sweet as any milk chocolate bar. The only thing is, it can feel waxy in the mouth, rather than melting in the mouth as nicely as I would like. I don’t like the waxy feeling, but I find that if I partially melt the bar before eating it, it improves things. The iChoc White Nougat Crisp bar seems to taste the same to me too.

iChoc White Vanilla Vegan Chocolate bar ( or

I had to chew this to get the full flavour, as it didn’t really taste of anything at first, but when I did, it tasted really nice and a little bit like Nestle milky bar. It did not melt in my mouth as well as I would have liked, and felt a bit sort of waxy.

iChoc Choco Cookie vegan chocolate bar ( or –

The cookie bits in this vegan chocolate bar were nice, but the chocolate wasn’t sweet enough for me. If the chocolate was sweeter, this would be lovely.

Galaxy Caramelised Hazelnut

I hoped this would be as sweet as non-vegan galaxy bars, and I wasn’t disappointed. I also hoped it wouldn’t have the waxy, clumpy feel in my mouth of it not melting as quickly as non-vegan chocolate. I was a bit disappointed, because it did. However, that can be overcome by gently heating the chocolate with your body heat, making it nice and soft before you eat it. It’s one of our favourites.

Galaxy Caramel And Sea Salt

This tasted nice, maybe a bit salty for me, but not for Steve. Like above, a bit waxy, but much nicer if you gently warm it first. This is Steve’s favourite vegan chocolate.

Galaxy Smooth Orange

At first I was disappointed that it didn’t have little sweet orange crunchy bits in it, but actually it’s really nice. Sweet enough for me, so it’s a favourite. A bit waxy and clumpy in the mouth, as doesn’t melt in the mouth as quickly as non-vegan chocolate, but if you gently warm it so it’s soft before eating, it is lovely. Packaging recyclable/compostable.

Cross Dame Blanche Cocoa Cream 6 pack (Pound Stretcher)

The biscuit in this vegan chocolate biscuit is quite dry, but at least the chocolate is not bitter. Steve and Helen thought the same when they tried it. These bars weren’t great, so I don’t think we’re bothered about having them again.

Cross Dame Blanche Vanilla Cream 6 pack (Pound Stretcher)

Same as above, just less chocolatey.

Yuppie Chocolate Caramel Wafer and Peanut Bar (Poundstretcher)

This sounded nice but both Steve and I were disappointed with this vegan chocolate bar. We thought it was dry and needed masses more caramel sweetness in it than it had.

Sainsbury’s Free From Choc n Orange bar

I could definitely taste the orange, but this vegan chocolate bar wasn’t sweet enough for me. I got a slightly bitter after taste from the chocolate. Steve didn’t though, and said it was quite nice.

Sainsbury’s Free From Choc Bar

This vegan chocolate was not sweet enough for me. I was used to Cadbury’s and Mars chocolate bars, and was rather addicted to their sweetness, but unfortunately this wasn’t as sweet.

Sainsbury’s Free From Crispy Choc bar

Again, the vegan chocolate wasn’t sweet enough for me, but Steve thought it was OK.

Sainsbury’s Free From White Chocolate

This vegan chocolate is a bit waxy and clumpy feeling in the mouth, instead of melting in your mouth immediately. Once it does melt, it has a pleasant taste, but there is also a tangy taste that I am not keen on. Steve says he doesn’t taste the tang and quite likes it, although he doesn’t like the waxy, clumpy feeling he gets in his mouth with it, before it melts. My friend Helen thought it tasted slightly nutty – which I couldn’t taste – and very sweet. It has a strong vanilla taste. Sainsbury’s FF White Buttons taste the same, but seem to be a bit less waxy and clumpy in the mouth than this chunky bar.

Tesco Free From Choc n Crispie Bar

This was not sweet enough for me. I thought it was a bitter. Steve said he thought it was the most bitter out of the Tesco, Morrison’s, Co-op, and Asda equivalent vegan chocolate bars .

Tesco Free From White Chocolate bar

Neither Steve not I liked this vegan chocolate bar because of the wax-like texture. It didn’t melt in your mouth and instead felt clumpy and unpleasant instead.

Asda Free From Choc Crispie Bar

This has little crispy bits in it. The vegan chocolate isn’t sweet and creamy enough for me, but it is probably more so than the other supermarkets brand free from chocolate we’ve tried. It does not seem to melt in the mouth quite as well as the Co-op free from chocolate buttons, but it tastes creamier, and is better than the Tesco own brand free from chocolate bar. The crispy bits in it make it nicer than without.

Co-op Free From Choc Bar

I was excited to try this, as a friend had told me she thought this vegan chocolate tasted like Cadbury’s dairy milk. I was disappointed to find that I thought different. It wasn’t sweet or creamy enough tasting, and tasted more like Nestle brown chocolate than Cadbury’s, which I was never too keen on.

Morrison’s Free From Choccy Bar

This vegan chocolate bar was not as bitter as the Tesco equivalent, and melted in my mouth better, but it was not sweet and creamy enough for me.

Vego hazelnut chocolate bar (H&B)

This vegan chocolate bar tastes a bit like Nutella but it is not as sweet. I would like it, if only it was a bit sweeter.

Carpe Bio Classico (Aldi)

This bar is a vegan milk chocolate bar. I was pleasantly surprised at the lack of the waxy and claggy feeling in the mouth, compared to others. It also tasted better than I expected. One of the best plain milk chocolate bars.

Carpe Bio Vegan Blond (Aldi)

At room temperature, this feels waxy and claggy in your mouth, like most vegan chocolate. However, if you warm it with your body heat before eating it, it vastly improves it. It has a lovely, sweet, creamy taste. It reminds me a bit of Milky Bar, except maybe a slight rice-like flavour. It is one of my favourites. Steve was not as keen on it. Aldi had it in for Veganuary, and I hope they begin to stock it regularly.

Vegan Store Golden Crunch Cinder Toffee Chocolate Bar

The cinder toffee in this vegan chocolate bar was sweeter than the cinder toffee you buy in bags from many shops, which I find has a bitter after taste. However, this vegan chocolate bar wasn’t sweet enough for me overall, as it was coated in dark chocolate, which I find bitter. It would be a lot nicer if covered in sweet vegan milk chocolate.

Mini Moos Cheeky Orange Chocolate Bar

Steve and I thought this vegan chocolate bar was nice, but not sweet enough for me. It was like a less sweet and sickly Terry’s chocolate orange. It is solid vegan chocolate with an orange flavour.

Mini Moos Lili-Lu’s Minty Moo Chocolate Bar

This vegan chocolate bar is solid chocolate and has crunchy bits of mint in and on it. My friend and I both liked it. It reminded us of mint Matchmakers.

Mini Moos Bunnycomb Bar

Mini Moos Bunnycomb Bar – This is a solid vegan chocolate bar with money comb type pieces on it. It wasn’t as nice as the orange or mint mini moo vegan chocolate bars, as I didn’t think it was sweet enough. Perhaps if there had been more of the honey comb bits on it, it would have made it sweeter. Unfortunately it is not as sweet as Cadbury’s Crunchie.

Go Max Go Twilight Caramel and Bar (

This chocolate bar is made of nougat and caramel enclosed in a vegan chocolate shell. was not sweet enough for me. I felt there was too much nougat, and not anywhere near enough of the caramel sweetness. I didn’t like the taste of the chocolate on it at all.

Go Max Go 2fer Bar (

This has shortbread-like biscuit with caramel, covered with vegan chocolate. I only liked this if I picked all the chocolate off and just ate the middle. I just don’t like the chocolate on these bars from Go Max Go. It needs to be a lot sweeter for me. This bar is meant to taste a bit like a Twix, but it fell short because of the taste of the chocolate being so far removed from the chocolate on Twix bars. Having said that, members of my family that tasted the bars were quite happy to eat them.

Go Max Go Buccaneer Nougat Chocolate Bar (

This vegan chocolate bar was nowhere sweet enough for me.

Go Max Go Jokerz Peanut Nougat and Chocolate Bar (

This is supposed to taste like a Snicker, but I was disappointed to find it didn’t. It was nowhere near as sweet. It had too much nougat and not enough Caramel in, and the chocolate was not nice. This vegan chocolate bar tasted more like a Cadbury Topic (which I was never very keen on) than a Snicker.

Go Max Go Thumbs Up candy bar (

This is the only Go Max Go Chocolate bar that I have liked. I really hated the chocolate on them, but the peanut butter sweet and salty centre of this one makes the whole thing really nice. It’s nicer than it sounds, and I’ll probably get it again.

Moo Free Caramelised Hazelnut Nibs Milk Chocolate Bar (Holland & Barrett) –

The caramelised nutty bits are lovely, and it’s quite a nice vegan chocolate bar. The actual chocolate is not sweet enough for me, but I do like things very sweet.

iChoc Almond Orange Rice Milk Chocolate Bar (Eighth Day Co-op, Manchester)

I was hoping the orange bits would be sweeter than they were, so they would make the chocolate taste sweeter and therefore the bar sweet enough for me overall. The orange bits were a a little chewy and definitely orange-y, but the bar wasn’t sweet enough for me. Also, I feel that vegan chocolate often doesn’t seem to melt in my mouth as quickly or as much as I like, which was the case with this.

Vivani Mandel Orange Chocolate bar (Wholesome! Carlisle)

I liked the sweet orange bits in this, but the milk chocolate wasn’t sweet enough for me.

Bohme Chocolate cream bars various flavours (Home Bargains)

I think these are dark chocolate, but the sweet fondant centres cover any bitterness of the dark chocolate. They taste nice and sweet overall.

  1. Bohme Chocolate lemon cream bar (Home Bargains) – The lemon fondant in their lemon bar reminds me of lemon curd. It is very nice.
  2. Bohme Chocolate Orange cream bar (Home Bargains) – This was my favourite of these vegan chocolate bars and I will buy them again. They are good for satisfying a sweet craving. My friend Helen also tried this and liked it, but felt it was too sickly to have too much of.
  3. Bohme Chocolate raspberry cream bar (Home Bargains) – This was my least favourite of these bars, but it was still quite nice.
  4. Bohme Chocolate strawberry cream bar (Home Bargains) – The sweet centre covers any bitterness of the dark chocolate enough to make it nice. My friend Helen agrees, and liked the strawberry bar better than the orange, which she also tried. She feels both would be too sickly to have lots of at once though.

Rhythm 108 Hazelnut Praline & Quinoa bar (Wholesome! Carlisle)

This was surprisingly nice, considering it has quinoa in it! I would have liked the chocolate praline taste to be a bit more chocolatey and sweeter, and the bar bigger and less expensive!

So Free Tropical Orange Organic Dark Chocolate Bar (Wholesome! Carlisle)

I was eager to try this vegan chocolate bar because I love the So Free Orange Chocolate spread. Sadly the bar is nowhere near as sweet or as nice. I found it too bitter, but the orange flavour was nice.

Ombar Keep It Raw Strawberry Mylk Chocolate

I did not expect to like this, as I thought “Raw” was going to mean very bitter. I would think without the sweet strawberry taste, this would be far too bitter, but the strawberry flavour does sweeten it up. Not to my standards of sweetness though, as I can still taste the bitterness. This chocolate melts in the mouth nicely, without the waxy feeling other vegan milk chocolate can have.

The Free From Kitchen White Choc Bar (Tesco)

I have always found vegan white chocolate to feel waxy and craggy in the mouth, some more than others. This was definitely less so than some, but still enough to put me off. It’s taste was pretty sweet. Even though I like sweet things, this didn’t hit the spot for me.

Nomo Caramel And Sea Salt Vegan Chocolate Bar (Tesco)

As with most vegan chocolate, it feels slightly wax-like in the mouth, but if you take little nibbles, it is not as apparent. The flavour is infused throughout this solid chocolate bar, rather than it having any runny caramel in it. The flavour is quite nice, but I can’t each much of it at once. Steve likes it and keeps eating it all when we have it in.


Asda Free From Choc Buttons

These still aren’t sweet and creamy enough for me, but I think this milk chocolate is probably the creamiest out of the supermarket brand free from chocolate. The buttons melt in the mouth satisfactorily. The only nicer ones are the orange ones, below.

Asda Free From Choc Orange Buttons

The Orange in These makes the buttons a bit sweeter, but still not sweet and creamy enough for me. Steve thinks these are quite nice. I agree that they are the nicest out of the supermarket own brands we’ve tried.

Sainsbury’s Free From White Chocolate Buttons

Even though these must use the same recipe as the chunky Asda FF White Chocolate Bars, the buttons are not quite as waxy and clumpy in your mouth as those. Once you get passed the initial waxy clumpy texture, they do melt in your mouth and have a pleasant taste. However, there is also a tangy taste that I am not keen on. Steve says he doesn’t taste the tang and quite likes them. My friend Helen thought they tasted slightly nutty – which I couldn’t taste – and very sweet. They have a strong vanilla taste.

Co-op Free From White Buttons

These are super sweet and creamy, and not too waxy in the mouth like other white vegan chocolate (but still a bit). However, I wasn’t sure I actually liked them. They are very strongly vanilla flavoured and are maybe a bit sickly. I think they have a strange tang too.

Clarana Bunte Schokolinsen (

These were meant to be like “vegan smarties”. They tasted nothing like smarties to me. They were a mile off being as sweet,  and I didn’t like the chocolate in them at all. Steve thought they were OK, as did my niece, nephew, and parents.

Peppermint Poppets (Home Bargains)

I’d forgotten how nice these are. The mint isn’t too harsh and they are nice and sweet. They are one of my favourite vegan chocolate treats.


Elizabeth Shaw Lemon Delights

These are dark chocolate around a lemon jelly. They were quite nice, but I think I would have preferred a lemon fondant to be in them rather than jelly.

Morrison’s Dark Chocolate Orange Thins

These needed a lot more orange fondant in them than they have. This meant I could taste the bitterness of the dark chocolate far more than I wanted to.

Choices Dairy Free Confectionery Caramel Flavoured Choices

These are quite nice but I would like them to be sweeter. If the chocolate was sweeter they would be nicer.

Vego Vegalinos

These are praline chocolates. Think Vego bars but all the bits and chocolate finely crushed up. A vegan recommended them as being sweeter than Vego bars, so I was keen to try them. Sadly, I didn’t think they were sweeter than Vego bars, but anyone who likes Vego bars should like them. My parents really enjoyed them.

Kavici Choco Spheres (Pound Stretcher)

These vegan chocolates look like Ferraro Rocher both in their packaging and in their structure. The wafer in them was definitely lacking crispness and I felt they would have been nicer if they were sweeter. Steve thought they were quite nice, as did my parents and niece. Other relatives who tried them thought they were OK but nothing great, and others thought they were awful.

Daisy and Dam Hazelnut Butter Cups (Holland And Barrett)

These are coated in dark chocolate, so I hoped the filling would be very sweet to compensate for that. Unfortunately it was not very sweet at all and I did not like it.

Beech’s Zesty Lemon Creams (

The sweet lemon centre in these made the dark chocolate around them taste sweeter, and they were quite nice. I think they are expensive for what you get though.

Beech’s Orange Creams (

My friend and I think these are lovely and sweet, as the orange fondant inside is sweet enough to overcome the bitterness of the dark chocolate shell. The fondant inside inside is firm instead of runny, but easily melts in your mouth.

Moser Roth Orange Creams (Aldi)

These are really nice, because the sweet fondant helps make the bitter dark chocolate sweeter. The fondant is not really runny, but not solid either.

Whittaker’s Orange Cremes (The Original Factory Shop)

These taste much the same as the Moser Roth Orange Creams from Aldi, except these are a lot better value. You get more in the pack and it is cheaper.

Booja Booja Hazelnut Truffles (Eighth Day Co-op Manchester)

The centres of these were really yummy, as they tasted like Nutella. The worst part of them was the bitter cocoa powder coating on the outside. I found that when I washed off the cocoa powder under the tap, the truffles tasted so much nicer! My friends weren’t a fan of the bitterness of the cocoa powder covering either. Apart from that, they thought they were delicious, and one of my favourite vegan chocolates.

Booja Booja Raspberry Truffles (Eighth Day Co-op, Manchester)

Again, these vegan chocolates would be a lot nicer with the coating of bitter cocoa powder on the outside being made a lot sweeter. Even when the bitter cocoa powder was washed off, they weren’t as nice as the hazelnut ones.

Bean Kind Vegan Friendly Caramel Truffles

The chocolate shell of these is quite thick and not particularly sweet. The dusting of cocoa powder on the outside is at least a thin one, so it doesn’t make the shell too bitter. The runny caramel in the inside is sweet, but not in the way I was expecting. It had a sort of tang instead of being sickly. I didn’t like them enough to buy them again.

Bean Kind Vegan Friendly Fine Chocolate Truffles

I hoped that, like the Booja Booja truffles, the filling of these would be sweet. The cocoa powder and the dark chocolate shells of these meant I needed the inside to be sweet, but it wasn’t. Steve didn’t like them much, so I gave them to my parents. They liked them, but they don’t have as sweet a tooth as we do.


Asda Belgian Chocolate Dark Mint Curls

Steve and I thought these were quite nice – not too bitter. We would consider buying them again,

Asda Free From White Chocolate Easter Egg with Buttons

I had not come across white dairy free chocolate in Asda before this egg. I was wondering how waxy it wouldn’t feel in my mouth, like other dairy free chocolate can – especially white chocolate. It fared better than expected in that respect, as it wasn’t too waxy. Maybe the fact that the shell of the egg was thin helped. The taste was very sweet and very vanilla. None of the white chocolates I have tried have got the “condensed milk” taste I am constantly searching for.

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