Different Definitions Of What Is Vegan

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Vegan Food Reviewed

I realise that there are many different opinions of what is vegan.

When it comes to food, this may include:

  • Whether a food has palm oil in
  • Which company owns/manufactures the product
  • Whether the factory also makes food containing animal products (cross contamination danger)
  • If the packaging actually states suitable for vegans (rather than being “accidentally vegan”)
  • Whether the ingredients are produced with the use of working animals
  • Whether it is from a fully vegan company

The food I include in this site is vegan in as far as the ingredients contain no animal derived ingredients. 

Hopefully I will not make mistakes. However, I must emphasise the importance of doing your own checks. You must satisfy yourself that the food meets your own personal standard.

For instance, you may wish to only eat vegan food with no palm oil in, because you do not want to contribute to the destruction of animal habitat for its production. Having said that, sustainable palm oil advocates warn about how oils used in place of palm oil can have equally devastating effects in the destruction of the rain forest. They say that sustainable palm oil production is the way forward.

Image: Whatever type of vegan you are, at least there are only plant based items in your sausages!

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